Have you dreamed of making a living from your creativity?

Ever imagined having your hours be your own?

Is it possible to have a community around you of clients and customers who love your work and want more of it?

Hi, my name is Melissa.

I’m a Facilitator of Creativity.

My joy is helping artists, creatives, and other dreamers like you jumpstart your marketing to get more attention,  business, and more time to do what you love: your creative work.

Have you dreamed of making a living from your creativity?
Of having your hours be your own?
Of having a community around you of clients and customers who love your work and want more of it?

Do you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or bored thinking of marketing yourself and your work?

I’m here to help you with those tasks that drain you, so that you can do more of what enlivens you!

I have a team standing by of creatives who can help you make your dreams come true. We can use your team or mine to build your platform, create exciting content, plan events, and plan winning strategies.

I work with my clients in one of four ways ….

Once and Done

If you have a one-time project you need help with, I can be of assistance within a particular window of time, based on your needs and goals. This may include:

  • Providing content for your website.
  • Writing and/or editing a book, blog posts, articles, or marketing materials.
  • Managing a specific project to its end, such as a Facebook ad campaign.
  • Aiding you in developing a system for organizing and implementing your own marketing.
  • Writing and/or editing pitch letters, advertising, or project or grant proposals.

Starts at $199.00

Back on Track

This is great if you want some in-depth analysis of your market, but plan to do the implementation yourself.

It’s also helpful if you have a marketing strategy that is inconsistent, or doesn’t seem to be working well.

I will:

  • Look at what you’re currently doing for marketing
  • Identify changes to make to create more energy within your community
  • Provide a detailed marketing strategy plan for you or your team to implement.

Starts at $249.00

Prepare to Launch!

With this plan, we will work closely together to strategize on and implement a comprehensive marketing plan:

  • Establishing social media accounts
  • Creating a system to stay on top of content generation
  • Developing a marketing calendar
  • Planning articles, blog posts, social media posts, and other content to reach your audience

You may plan to take over the work once the initial set-up is done, or we can negotiate a new commitment.

Starts at $349.00

One-Stop Marketing Manager

Here, I will act as your marketing manager for six months (or longer, depending on your needs), starting where you are and creating consistent content, engaging with your target market, and creating a detailed strategy which may include:

  • Social media posts and blog posts
  • Writing or ghostwriting longer material such as books
  • Establishing relationships with influencers
  • Developing more complex strategies, such as events or exhibits.

Starts at $495.00

Happy New Year from CreateBuzz!

Here are my wishes for you in 2018!

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